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Reading property: Berkshire house prices rocket during pandemic

here’s where the biggest increases are

While we’ve been locked down in our homes, they’ve been soaring in price.

Homes in Berkshire are now worth as much as £37,000 more than at the start of the pandemic. For homeowners, it’s one of the few positives to take from a nightmare year dominated by coronavirus.

But for first time buyers, getting on the housing ladder is only becoming a more daunting prospect.

That’s because property prices across the UK are rising at their fastest pace since August 2007, and Wokingham in particular has seen prices rocket by the most locally in the past year.

In March 2020, the average house price in the area was £408,822. By March 2021, it had jumped by 9 per cent – or £36,666 – to £445,488.

In other parts of Berkshire, prices were also up.

In West Berkshire, average prices rose by 6.7 per cent, or £22,765, to £364,933 at the end of March, while there was a 6 per cent rise in Bracknell Forest, an increase of £19,820 to £350,644.

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